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FedGroup is family-owned and forward-thinking. Established in 1990, the company has grown into South Africa’s leading independent financial services group.

Our independence has allowed us to develop our own point-of-view on the business of insurance and investment. We put people before profit. We believe in old-fashioned ideas like honesty, integrity, and dignity. And we place a lot of value in our dedicated and committed staff.

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Retirement products: Are you being ripped off?

+ 09.06.2015

FedGroup’s financial director, Scott Field, points out some industry gimmicks that are harming financial independence. The...


The four elements of successful beneficiary fund administration

+ 03.06.2015

According to Netcare Retirement Fund Principal Officer, Craig Taylor, managing beneficiary funds is a tough, complex job...


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Independent minds think alike.

Our Group Risk won silver, as voted by independent financial advisors.

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